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Jul. 27th, 2017 01:44 pm
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I've been making posts and then hiding them really quickly because I realised people might reply to them, and I've not been doing very well at talking about things that aren't television. So television:

I caught up with iZombie:

I like it and it's very watchable and nice enough and I like Ravi and Liv, and I like that Friday showed up and him being in izombie was why I put it on a list of things I should watch but by the time I watched it I'd forgotten so he was a very happy surprise. What happened was that he turned up in izombie, and then izombie didn't IMMEDIATELY BECOME ALL ABOUT HIM STANDING IN THE SUNSHINE AND SMILING AT PEOPLE. That was strange. Also it's just sad seeing him in proper clothes and without Crusoe to smile at. Both Crusoe and Friday are a hundred times less attractive when they are not near each other doing their accents.

T-Bag and Logan both also turned up. T-Bag was all about being father issues for Blaine, which I have less than no interest in, because I hate Blaine. But I find I can't help but be interested in Logan, because his two facial expressions are just not annoying, they're really loveable and I love seeing them in different places and shows. And not like he only has two, but he has two that are so him that they kind of make his characters a delight. I think they're a kind of 'I can't help being me this is just what happens, I'm very awesome you probably can't deal with it so screw you' one, and a 'I'm just a little boy who now is accidentally [in charge of a small army of zombies] due to a series of perfectly logical decisions that make sense and you can't judge me for them, my father never loved me, do you love me, no you probably don't love me, this is fine'.

Things I like less about izombie than the parade of actors I enjoy. )

I am currently watching Salvation, there have been three episodes:

It's rubbish. )


It's embarrassing that I'm still watching zoo, I know. But Season 3 is really good. Like not good, but really good if you are proud of it for existing and for being just better than it used to be which is the smallest minimum. To be fair they have really sorted their show out. It's like they've saved up ALL THEIR BUDGET from season 1 and 2. There are animal attacks EVERY WEEK!!!!!! But also they've skipped forward in time ten years and not aged any of their actors, and they're all still as boring as possible, and by just NO MEANS the people who should be saving the world, and I love it. What happened was that they cured the 'all the animals hate us' thing which was the total premise of their show, so they no longer have to be scared of everything, but also they made humans sterile, and released MUTANT HYBRID animals into the world, and built a wall to keep them in the left hand side of the united states, and so now each week they are attacked by rhinos that have some sort of frog gene spliced into them, or massive dinosaur birds that can tunnel under ground, and scientists are stealing children to try to make them fertile, and if it wasn't made by the makers of Zoo it would be very.

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Jul. 25th, 2017 12:06 am
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If you search on Idealist for jobs with the keyword "gender", the first two that come up are for the International Potato Centre and the African Cashew Alliance. They actually sound really interesting jobs, but not quite what I want to do. Herewith a very witty comment I made to a friend who wondered if potatoes have gender: "the ones with lashes are female". (Because potatoes have eyes DO YOU SEEEEEE?)

Have any of you ever bought anything from duty free on an airplane? I suppose if I actually wore perfume or had expensive tastes in alcohol or hideous taste in jewellery I might, but as it is I quite fancy a go on one of the children's toy planes and the rest seems an utter waste of magazine space.

If any of you like to buy non-Kindle e-books, and haven't already got a Kobo account, would you let me invite you to it? You get a free £3 credit when you sign up (for use on books over £3), and if you decide to use that, then I get some money too. It would keep me in Angela Thirkell books, which is what I am currently going through. I've run out of the non-terrible ones at faded page so need to expend actual money for the rest.

Solitary places and vast views

Jul. 24th, 2017 11:05 pm
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Orlando naturally loved solitary places, vast views, and to feel himself for ever and ever and ever alone.

Since [personal profile] seiyaharris and I went to Knole earlier this month I've sort of been rereading Orlando with Knole and everything we heard about Vita & Virginia in mind. It's been slow because I'm accidentally reading about 8 books at once at the moment (well, five books and technically one of those I haven't REALLY started)

I remembered really enjoying it and although it is a strange little book there are so many beautiful lines and sections even before you remember that it's basically a very long love letter.

Today I am quite enjoying the idea of solitary places and vast views. Too many people, too much pressure, and too much uncertainty about my own abilities (from myself, not other people).

Mind you with all of SDCC to catch up plus all the post-Tour opinion pieces AND the news that Michelle Terry is going to be the new Globe AD I've had plenty to keep me interested whilst I'm being solitary.


Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:54 pm
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I'm not sure I made the most of this weekend. I mean I definitely caught up on some reading and some TV and actually watched some of Le Tour live and I did manage some admin and some tidying but somehow I still feel tired and like there is an endless list left to do.

Still I guess it's a smaller infinity?

I think maybe instead of talking about that I'll just talk about this beautiful looking podium with four riders I love/have come to love. So happy for Chris Froome on his 4th win ♥ and very happy that Simon now has a white jersey to match Adam's from last year (I want so much to see them ride together and yet I do realise it has the potential for terrible leader clash). And then Bling in Green which is great because he never quite got where he needed to with Orica and Sunweb seems to suit him and then I mostly love Barguil for his sake because have their ever been roomies who got two jerseys on the Tour before?

Um... basically the rest of this post is an old school picspam of Barguil and Matthews so you can look or avoid as you wish.

#TDFRoomies )

There's my happy place for Monday morning blues (Tomorrow involves a lot of heavy lifting followed by a very important meeting which I will be dusty and sweaty for which is non-ideal. Must remember a change of clothes!)


Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:37 pm
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Comment here with geek news you found interesting from Comic Con this weekend!

Here, I'll start.

* Josh Whedon to write Batgirl.

* Ready Player One trailer.

* Bright trailer.
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Accidentally watching the end of the first Hobbit movie because it's on and I realised because of my posting gap I never talked about finally watching all six films in order (extended versions obv!)

I mean I'm not entirely sure what it is I want to say about that. Some ramblings )

I don't know. I just love Tolkien and the Tolkien verse a stupid amount and that whilst on holiday I think [personal profile] seiyaharris fell into a Hobbit fanfiction hole and I fell into a Silmarillion hole. Again. It happens quite often (oh Galadriel if I'd ever written a terrible LOTR chapter epic it would be the whole damn history of Middle Earth from your perspective read about her adventures here), catch up on Doctor Who (finally) and read all of The Hanging Tree (also finally).

Tomorrow... tomorrow is also mercifully empty but there really are some dull adulting things I should do. Still. At least other than church I don't actually HAVE to go outside unless I choose.


Jul. 20th, 2017 07:06 pm
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The Podcasts TANIS and The Bright Session are becoming shows.

Ditto the podcast Lore, it's heading to Amazon studios.

Teen Wolf is becoming a podcast.

Stargate is becoming a teeny tiny webseries.

Lotta format jumps going on.

Mrs Freeman & Mrs Morley

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:51 pm
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Today at work was Raising Autism Awareness which was a much shorter thing than some of our other training because it was very introductory but it was given by two teachers from a local college and it was really interesting to hear them talk about their students who tend to be at the more severe end of the spectrum and some of whom may be coming to do some sessions or volunteer with us.

And then I tried desperately to concentrate on an exhibition brief I need to finish writing but the world kept conspiring to distract me. I'm taking headphones in tomorrow.

Then this evening I met up with N for a meal & the theatre which was nice because it's been a while since we've done that and it was good to catch up. Though I was HUGELY disappointed when I trie dto order truffle arancini only to be told they were finished :-(

Queen Anne (RSC @ Theatre Royal Haymarket) )

Well that ended up being half about the play and half about my feelings on these two fascinating women.

New Discord Server

Jul. 19th, 2017 08:52 pm
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Invitation to The Lawn discord server

The Lawn

I know there are already Imzy Discord servers and many other places we may be congregating, but I haven't found a pan-fandom, pan-fanworks-focused one that isn't full of "Think of the children!" rules.
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Long but fascinating day thinking about disability and access today. The training was officially titled Building Disability Confidence and I think it definitely did that- it can feel a bit overwhelming at times talking about barriers to accessibility and how far behind organisations and people can be but today ended with almost everyone in the room genuinely feeling more confidence and having practical (and achievable) ideas of next steps.

It felt so good to be there.

And then 30 seconds at Embankment station this evening and all my "people are great sometimes" feelings melted away :-P

Thankfully Yank! The Musical was where we were headed and that restored a lot of them. Some thoughts... )

And if only the theatre wasn't quite so like a sauna I'd be back there again at least once before it finished...

It's not a REAL badger...

Jul. 18th, 2017 07:04 pm
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The Rainbows got hold of my phone this evening whilst we were out on a walk around Heartwood Forest and now I have many MANY photographs of this one carved bird from all angles... not quite sure why they liked it so much. It's very lovely but then everything else carved on this arch was lovely too!

Anyway term is over which is one thing ticked off for a bit (except finishing the accounts and sorting out our waiting list and checking everything is well for the database switchover and making sure our meeting location is updated and then visiting our new location and finding a way to make sure all our girls can get to the new location)

*takes a deep breath*

Everything in my life at the moment seems to be a long list like that and yet even whilst it makes me want to scream somethings it really is all worth it (there's nothing quite like children fighting over who gets to hold your hand to make you feel like you must be doing SOMETHING right)

How is everyone anyway? We're currently in the middle of a summer thunderstorm which (as I'm safe inside) I rather enjoy watching as the thunder rolls around us.

Low pressure return, I need to stop letting DW be something I feel guilty about or pressured to use... it's meant to be FUN and useful.

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Jul. 16th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Here is my holiday with all the emotional and digestive incompetence edited out:

I really love my nieces, and it was good to spend a whole week with them. We built a lot of sandcastles and met a lot of donkeys.

I have 'do you want to build a snowman sandcastle' stuck in my head. I know two lines. I am dying.

(I watched Frozen. I physically cannot believe the sexy dress transformation that is supposedly Elsa's empowering moment of not caring what other people think. Disney can go fuck itself.)

I have a couple of days off work and a to do list of a million things. All I am actually going to do is read my book. I didn't take it on holiday because I knew I wouldn't be allowed to properly enjoy it. But now I'm home and I've missed it, and it's just so good, it's so much better than other books, I love it so much. Fitz is currently witbonding with a horse despite trying to explain that he definitely doesn't want that, and the horse is just like 'well it's no good not wanting me, we're brilliant together, I'm obviously your soulmate'. I have so many emotions. Fitz refused to let her know his name, so she's just read it from him, and is calling him Changer, which is what Nighteyes calls him, because it means Catalyst, which is what the Fool calls him, and which therefore is how he actually identifies. The Fool has bonded with a crow (<3) and keeps referring to Bee as 'our daughter' (<3333333333). Nighteyes lives in her head and calls her cub. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, they are the best fathers ever. (Or they would be, but one of them is dead, one of them is half dead, and one of them is Fitz.) The Fool asked him if Bee looked like him (the Fool) and Fitz immediately went 'no', and then started thinking about all the ways Bee looks exactly like the Fool and the Fool just laughed gently at him. I honestly don't understand the point of books that aren't sprawling fantasy novels about True Love. Fitz unravelled for a while and was just sending his emotions out to the whole castle, and now everybody has to politely pretend they don't know what a terrible mess he is. He let Kettricken feel how much Nighteyes had loved her and that was wonderful.

Day Eight: A song that makes you happy

I think my numbering has fallen awrong because I missed a question vaguely. But worse things.

All the songs I've been posting make me happy, I like songs that make me happy. I have a massive list of songs I could post for this one, but I ended up torn between Hey Baby and Hey Mickey, which are both so beautiful I could cry on them. I'm choosing Hey Baby only because I think I already covered the TRUE PURE HAPPINESS of the eighties in Green Door.

Ugh. It's such a stunning song, which is beautiful in its own right, and also beautiful in that it reminds me of patrick swayze. I know that nobody these days resists putting in the ooh, aah bits. Each to their own and all that, but it takes away everything that is full and lazy about the music, and if you prefer the other version you're basically soulless and you mean nothing to me.
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