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I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming and I can't believe none of the so-called heroes have stabbed Tony Stark in the heart yet. He's the cause of so many of their problems, even the ones he ends up solving.

I had high hopes for the Spiderman film, just because it's Spiderman and he's usually pretty cool and works on his own and stuff. But they just made it all about the Avengers, and there was so much Tony Stark there I couldn't bear it, and it just made it all make no sense. I mean, I think it genuinely took away from the fact that Peter's supposed to be a science genius that Tony Stark just made his suit for him. Also the fact that Peter ended up with a gun with massive destructive power, powered by an obviously alien or unearthly source in the form of a glowing pink crystal, and he chose to HIT IT WITH A HAMMER to try to get it out of the gun. I guess he's fifteen, but even at fifteen I don't think Peter Parker was supposed to be an idiot.

But yeah, none of it really made any sense, unless you assumed Tony Stark was a huge awful jerk, which I always do. He yanked in a fifteen year-old kid basically as a weapon to use against Steve Rogers so he didn't lose, gave him a super-suit, and then left him on his own and ignored him and never talked to him for months. He gave him a handler who never spoke to him, and casually ignored phrases like 'high-tech weaponry' - didn't even look into the incident where robbers BLEW UP a sandwich shop with a gun until Peter pointed it out - and then eventually told the FBI about all that stuff without telling Peter, letting him think no-one was looking into it or handling it. And then getting mad at Peter getting involved with stuff because he didn't know anything because Tony didn't keep him in the loop.

So yeah, I just think the whole Spiderman set-up didn't really work as well with the idea the Avengers in the background while he was starting up. Like, even at the end - he KNEW where Mr Tooms lived, he could absolutely just tell the Avengers about it, there was no real need for him to skid off on his own. Whatever the guy stole, they could probably get back. So yeah.

But it was fine. It was funny. I liked most of the characters. I didn't like Aunt May's ongoing characterisation of not noticing anything and everyone hitting on her and Peter just having to 'protect her' all the time for unspoken reasons. Like, you come into your teenage nephew's room where he's there with his best friend, and he's in his underwear, and you just say nothing? I was expecting some sort of weird 'are you gay?' bit, or even just some sort of 'what's going on here?', but no. Nothing. But I liked a lot of the POC casting they did for a lot of the characters. I liked the fact they put Donald Glover in a Spiderman film, although it's kind of a shame he had to be a nameless criminal and not Spiderman. But he was a nice criminal, with some morals, so it wasn't all bad I guess.

Vaas from Far Cry 3 was also in it. PETER WAS RIGHT TO THINK THEY SHOULDN'T SELL GUNS TO HIM. But mostly I watched the film for Michael Keaton looking cool in a bomber jacket and wings, and that's what I got. Also him making some EXCELLENT POINTS about Tony Stark. I assume his next step in prison is to gather all the like-minded criminals he can together, and be like "right, now we have to take down the real problem in our lives: Tony Stark. Even the Avengers wouldn't be so bad without him in them! He's even poisoning the minds of good kids". And casually killing anyone who even talks about killing Spiderman too.

I came out of the cinema and almost immediately was expected to do some childcare, or y'know. My crazy mum, after two days working in a row, decided to have all three kids over even though she knew I would be out at the cinema, and my dad would be out all morning at a work thing, which he ended up having to come back late from. It was fine, the kids weren't too badly behaved, and we went up to an event up at the castle and watched Viking re-enactment fights for about half an hour. But we're going to be having the dog later today, and trying to get him to meet the cat and get him settled into the house. I'm hoping to have some rest this weekend.
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