Jun. 14th, 2017

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I watched all the press conferences. Got up at 5am to watch one press conference. Felt kinda dead. Haven't showered. But it was good, I got to hear about all the stuff coming soon. It was a slightly underwhelming year, since there weren't any massive announcements like last year, which was slightly offset by the fact I took a week off work for it, but it was still really good and solid, and fun to hear about all that stuff, and mostly what I learned is the gaming community is terrible and can't be pleased. Literally just last week there were articles criticising Playstation for 'cheating' at E3 by showing stuff that isn't going to be out for years, and this year everyone was upset there weren't enough announcements of new games super-early in their development, that won't be out for years to come. People were complaining recently about Mass Effect: Andromeda, and how they should have taken more time to finish it and iron out all the bugs, and now they're complaining we're not getting any news on massive games in development or release dates for them, people are just WORKING on them. People complaining about certain games just getting a constant dripfeed of information and never a release date, and then complaining about not getting a constant dripfeed of information about other games that are obviously going to take a long time to come out. People basically just want games to be made faster. Which isn't going to happen.

Really what I want to do is find gaming forums where I can talk about my endless thoughts on video games and video games culture, but I don't want to find one full of misogyny and rape threats, which I think is unlikely. So I'm just going to randomly share my thoughts here, until I lose my rag and start one.

Anyway. It's been super nice having the week off work. I can totally see how all those ladies of leisure and rich sons of nobility in the past became polymaths, because I just feel like I can do anything. Legit just this morning started thinking about how I should start taking Spanish lessons again, and become fluent. Or how I could just up and go to Scarborough tomorrow, if I wanted, go to the Sealife Centre and the seaside. I think Chaucer really nailed in the Cant. Tales when he talked about spring and how people 'long to go on pilgrimages' - which was just a religious excuse for a nice trip, basically. It all feels possible when you have so much free time. Even though I know when I'm back at work I'll just be like 'ugh'.

Random observations I've had over the past few days:

  • It's a weird feeling when you love a pairing so much you boot up Google Translate.

  • Chris so fancies Michaela on Springwatch.

  • It's super-weird to hear bisexual women talking about women the way straight men talk about women.
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