May. 31st, 2017

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I've got When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Diana Ross stuck in my head for some reason. Possibly because of becoming a hero in Mass Effect Andromeda. It strikes me that we don't have as many ridiculous, super-emotional love ballads nowadays. I feel like our generation is poorer for it.

I've got some interesting times at work coming up, I think. The deal with the new company is about to go through, so my Facilities company basically have to do all the de-branding from the old company before next week, pretty much. The sheer fact they were doing it made me notice how many things actually have the old logo on them, like 'What to do in an emergency' posters on the walls. And a bunch of trophies in the waiting room. I don't know what they're going to do with those. I don't really have to do any of it, but I've agreed to mention to my boss anything I notice with the logo on it, because it all has to go, and at the moment that includes a bunch of forms I currently use on reception - including to book taxis on account with - and a huge amount of lanyards people use to keep their security passes clipped around their neck. I don't know that we have enough blank lanyards to replace them all, unless my boss orders in a bunch more, which will probably lead to people losing or misplacing their passes, which will make the barriers fun. And their going to have to change everyone's email addresses, because they have the old company name in them - looking forward to that. Plus the fact that a bunch of the old executives are going literally on day one, and all their parking spaces will suddenly become spare, and who knows what we're doing with them. But I will be glad if it happens next week, because the car park lady was suggesting it might be the week after, when both she and I are on holiday. I felt a little bad thinking the team would be dealing with all the changeover stuff with a temp on reception, or that I'd be leaving the morning woman who's never done a full set of car park allocations to do her first one in that situation. But if it all happens next week, I'll be happier. A week of probable chaos, and then a week off, hurrah. They're going to confirm today exactly when the changeover will happen, so we'll see.

I had a weird dream last night, involving a historical church near my house getting entirely ripped down and replaced with a new modern building, and my continually breaking things like keys and my debit card while trying to use them, so I couldn't use locks or access money anymore. Not entirely sure what that's about. I heard literally the best way to do dream analysis is to write down the features of the dream, or the parts that stand out the most, and then write down the things you associate with each of those features, and see if any of it resonates with things you're going through in your life. And voila! You have done dream analysis. I'm not sure what broken keys symbolise to me though. I don't really have time to do associations right at the moment.
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