May. 16th, 2017

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My Day:

  • I woke up late, and realised I had to go to work again.

  • I got up late, and after having a shower, I didn't have enough time to play anything before I went to work, as I often like to do.

  • When it was time to start getting ready for work, I went to the bathroom first, and after a morning of feeling fine, the instant I sat on the toilet I felt like one huge cramp, and just awful. I started feeling really hot, and like I was going to pass out. I really thought I was going to have to call in sick to work, and I can't call in sick every time I have a weekend off, they won't allow it. At the very least I thought I was going to have to miss my train while I recovered, and go in late.

  • I started feeling better and managed to get ready in time to go for my train, but I didn't have time to make a sandwich, so I knew I'd have to buy one.

  • I got to the station, and my train came, and it pulled in way too far along the platform, and then the conductor got off and said the train wouldn't be going to the first two stations it's supposed to go to, because of a line failure or something. It still went to Leeds, so I was fine, but it did occur to me that if it wasn't going to Leeds I wouldn't have known until the time I was supposed to get on it. This is after my train was late on Friday, and they didn't tell us about it, the display just started showing the details for the next train to somewhere completely different, and didn't say our train was still coming but late until about a minute before it pulled in. I very nearly got a bus, but didn't. Renationalise the railways, that's what I say.

  • I don't know if my train was late getting to Leeds because of that, but after buying and eating a sandwich, I ended up being late getting to work. The person covering the lunch hour was kind enough to let me use the bathroom and get some water before I started anyway.

  • Still felt sick all day, after the toilet incident.

  • When I switched on my computer, it said it was 'configuring Windows'. Then when I opened Outlook, I had to set up my email account again, and then I could only see my own email and not the car park emails. While I was waiting to ask my boss if he knew how to set it up again, I went to fill a spreadsheet I've been keeping of temporary passes we sign out, at my boss's request. That was also gone. It turns out, because of malware or some sort of security scan, they found that our desk computer was vulnerable, and had literally gotten rid of it and replaced it with an entirely new PC. So everything really did need to be set up again. I had indeed lost the document I'd been keeping, which included all the incidents of people going through the barriers when they shouldn't.

  • I had to get IT involved to set up my car park emails again. While they had control of my computer, they switched to the ugliest font imaginable, and now I have to live with that.

  • My boss emailed me some of my old spreadsheets I'd sent to him (I send one every month), so I got the formatting and some of the older incidents back. I still had to go through our file for the whole of May so far, counting up how many temporary security passes we'd given out each day, and filling it out again.

  • The woman who properly runs the car park in HR said I didn't have a signature on my email anymore, even though I don't remember having one ever, and I had to set that up again, and it was annoying.

  • Every Tuesday, we do a fire alarm test. This basically means one of my co-workers comes out, I give him the keys and my phone, and he calls up and puts our alarm on test (so no fire engines come), then he goes upstairs, and I have to wait by the panel for him to set off the alarm somewhere upstairs, count to ten, then push a button to silence it. He told me today we'd be doing a 'full test', which basically means it'd do all the things it's supposed to do in a real fire, like open all the security barriers and call all the lifts down so no-one could use them. He did the thing, I waited by the panel as usual, the fire alarm went off. I briefly noticed that all the barriers hadn't opened and at least one lift hadn't come down before I had to press the button to silence the alarm. It wouldn't silence. I pressed it again. It wouldn't silence. I pressed a different button that said silence, but no joy. Everyone who'd been stood there when it started going off was looking at me, but it wouldn't silence. I told them that, that it was just a test but the button wasn't working. People started coming down the stairs, because they thought it was a drill or fire, but the barriers hadn't opened so they couldn't just walk out anyway, so they just hovered around the room behind them uncertainly. Then the fire marshalls started coming down, in their yellow jackets. While I tried to explain it was just a test, it just wasn't working properly. And the alarm was going off very loudly and piercingly. My co-worker finally came and shouted down 'is it not silencing?', and I said no. I turns out you need a code to silence it during a full test, and it had been so long since he'd done one he'd forgotten. In the meantime, because people are absolutely, 100% supposed to leave the building if the fire alarm goes off and keeps going off, the building had evacuated. And then I had to sit with my hand on our contractor gate button to keep it open while everyone marched back in, while the fire marshalls looked on disapprovingly. And tried to ask me exactly what had happened. It was not a great time. But at least I didn't have to fill out reports afterwards, which my co-worker did for some time. Also, it turns out our fire alarm doesn't work like it should on full test. Which is a shame.

  • Still felt sick all day. But then I had some chocolate and felt like I was giving myself life force, so idk.

  • I got home and found they'd finally sent me the form for a re-assessment for tax credits.

What a day
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