May. 15th, 2017

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I went to see Jekesta and Alice for the weekend, and while we were there we watched American Gods, because Gillian Anderson is in it and everyone was talking about it, and people said the book wasn't bad for a Neil Gaiman book. And I have to say, it was some of the worst television I've seen in a while. I just made myself watch the 3rd episode, because Peter Stormare was in it, and first I nearly got some malware, and then I had to watch American Gods. I'm freshly angry over it. It's the slowest, wankiest, most awful television. Nothing happens. NOTHING HAPPENS. And I mean that quite literally, probably about half of the first episode was taken up by shots of people walking in slow motion. And slow motion in general. And people's faces as they felt nothing. Even the stuff they pretend is happening is awful and pointless and wanky, they pretend it's meaningful, but it's wanky, and I've never seen so much misogyny, and I've never seen someone pretend they are giving a person characterisation when actually they are doing nothing, and it's horrific and I can't believe television.

Spoilers for episode 3 )

AAAAAAAAAARGGGHHH. I made myself watch it.

It's shit. It looks shit. They've taken Neil Gaiman's work, and made it perfectly like how Neil Gaiman talks, which is horrific anyway, and also exactly how Neil Gaiman writes, with all the weird happenings that just have no meaning, the forced, awful 'humour' (he thanks you, but doesn't need a comb), and the pointless 'edginess', because he's a fucking wanker with no imaginiation. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. He'll be so proud.

Do not watch American Gods. If you want my recommendation.
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