May. 1st, 2017

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I love Outlast 2, and Outlast 2 is terrifying.
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It's hard to do the "playing a horror game after dark, with the lights off" rule as summer rolls on. Also, it's hard to play the PS Vita on the screen when it's sunny and the terrible sun is shining in through the windows and giving you screen glare. I never thought my nemesis would be the sun. But here we are.

I'm aware that all I talk about is video games these days, that all my fandoms are video games. I can't exactly help it. To give you a better understanding of what I'm going through, here are some of the women I love in video games:

(ETA: Apparently Dreamwidth will not let this be Cora Harper. That's a shame.)

This is Cora Harper. She is biotic, which is basically magic, and was so powerful she always felt like a freak because of it. She went to train with Asari commandos, who are the soldiers of an all-female (sort of?) race who are all biotic, and now she is all about them and fangirls some of them but it turns out Even Asari Are Flawed. She is all about duty and doesn't really want to come up with ways to do things herself, she wants to wait for someone with a plan to tell her what to do, and she was supposed to be second-in-line for the Pathfinder job but your father randomly chose you instead. And she has a beautiful semi-deep voice, and she wants to grow roses in Heleus. Only male main characters can romance her apparently. Sadface.

It wouldn't be so bad, but I'd already met the engineer on our ship named Gil, who I've since realised is basically a more modern, more sarcastic Alistair, and I tried to flirt with him obviously, and he was like "I'm gay". So now it really does feel like they're just keeping all the best romances for the men. Fuck off, you know what I mean?

Anyway. I'm not fully on board with games that have Characters rather than story, really, but Bethesda released this trailer for Quake Champions:

And in this trailer for Agents of Mayhem, you might just catch a black woman lighting a cigarette on the butt of her gun:

And I was like, "I'm gay?"
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