Apr. 27th, 2017

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I legitimately started thinking about Shakespeare quotes today while thinking about how angry I was at Theresa May, which disturbs me a little bit. I feel like this is how stalkers get started. Specifically, I was thinking of that bit in Hamlet about that "damnable, smiling villain" ("O, that one may smile, and smile, and smile, and be a villain").

Anyway. My train broke down on Monday, and tomorrow they're having another strike. It's not my best or favourite week for trains. Partially, this means I'm going to have to walk into town tomorrow to get a bus to Leeds, which will be earlier than even my usual train. I was going to ask my mum to give me a lift, but she's having laser eye surgery (or something?). Anyway, she can't. So I must look after myself, and either be cold or get all hot and sweaty walking into town, before going to sit at work for five hours. And all I have to look forward to after that is a bus home from Leeds, on a Friday night.

Psyche. I can actually look forward to a long weekend, and I'm planning to go see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie on Saturday. My next few weeks have actually worked out quite interestingly; I have a short week next week, because of the bank holiday, then a full week. But on the Friday of the full week, I'm going to Jen's for Eurovision, and I'm having the following Monday off for travelling and resting and so on. So I'll have a short week, then too. Then a full week. Then after that a short week, because of the bank holiday. Then a full week. Then a week off, in June, for E3. I'm not actually working a full fortnight again until the middle of June. Hurrah.

Should be interesting at least. Might fuck with my regular schedule though.

I love Cora Harper in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and I've just learned that she's apparently only romanceable by a male Ryder. And now I'm sad.
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