Mar. 28th, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
Other things that happened over the weekend: I learned that my dad reads the Daily Mail these days. Apparently the online articles are 'very quick', and you can catch up with a lot of stories during your lunch hour. Given what my dad was already like, it's not really a great combination. More like two disastrous tastes that taste disastrous together. But there you go. It's happening.

Also we had to have a discussion, after he said the English were 'a bunch of French people, ruled over by Germans' (because apparently Queen Victoria is German/was of German descent, so the Royal Family is just Germans), about whether or not the English are mostly descended from the Anglo-Saxons, who originally came from Germany. Spoiler: they are. I know for a definite fact they are.

But meanwhile, Vera literally just gets better and better. I mean it's still ridiculous, but it's amazing, she is so beautiful, I genuinely find it feminist in a lot of important ways, especially the last episode. So beautiful. So beautiful.
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