Mar. 18th, 2017

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Today, my plan was to get up, go out to see the first showing of the King Kong movie, have a Burger King, go to my local video game shop and see if they have anything new in (even though I'm literally still caught between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out this week (all the colons)), and then come home and play video games.

Instead what happened was that a bee woke me up at 7am, angrily buzzing between my window and my blackout blinds - but at least they do still exist for the moment. I couldn't get back to sleep, woke up at twenty to 11 when I'd been planning to leave at 11 for the train and also realised I had mild cramps because I was probably bleeding again, decided to try to rush and go for the train anyway, whizzed downstairs and tried to quickly eat 2 buttered crumpets, and realised that was a terrible idea when I felt really full, hot, was cramping, and suddenly whenever I burped it tasted like blood.

I did not go for the train.

Damn that bee.

I'm feeling better now, but my plan for the day is all over the place. I don't even know about Burger King. I'm still having cramps because I brushed my teeth and now I'm not supposed to eat or drink water for a while so my toothpaste can do some magic on them. aksdjd.
girlofprey: (R for raygun)
Well, the rest of my day also didn't go according to plan. I decided I'd go into town, have a quick chat in my games shop, then go to my local cinema complex, have a quick Burger King for lunch, then go see the film at 2:20. I walked into town around 1, went into the games shop, and promptly got stuck behind some guy the shop assistants must have known personally, who was talking about how much he hated some guy who ran a DVD shop this guy had been banned from, and how much he wanted to throw a book through his window for revenge, then something about getting a tommy gun and shooting everyone, and wanting to turn that guy inside out like an umbrella, and some vague references to how he may have already thrown a book at someone's head which might have gotten him banned in the first place. I'm assuming the guy had learning difficulties just from the sheer way he was repeating the stories and things he said over and over again, but even so I didn't really want to interrupt that. Eventually I managed to talk to the guy on the desk about a few things, then about 2 o'clock I broke away and went to go get the bus. It's only a couple of minutes from our bus station to the local cinema, and there's always half an hour of adverts and stuff on before the film, so I figured I had time. Even so, there was a bus in the station as I came up to it, and I ran and managed to get it, hurray, bit of luck. And then we promptly got stuck in traffic, because I forgot just how busy the roads to that cinema/shopping complex get on a Saturday.

And nearly quarter past 2, I got off the bus. Did not want to go into the cinema without having lunch, but there was still half an hour before the film would REALLY start, and Burger King doesn't take that long to make or eat. But I forgot how busy it was. Got stuck in a queue - not even a long queue, but full of people making huge or complicated orders - and the place was packed, so there was really nowhere to sit down even afterwards. Like a stubborn idiot, I still insisted I wanted the food to eat in though. At about twenty-five past 2, I got my food, and then looked around for somewhere to sit down, which there was not. I saw something taking their tray to the bin and rushed over excitedly, but apparently the three women - an older woman, younger woman, and girl - just wanted to sit there drinking their drinks, despite how packed the place was. Never mind the fact that a bunch of people had seats they weren't even using, because they let their children have fun by sitting 'by themselves' on the 2-seater tables next to them. Children and/or people are the worst. So I stood there for about five minutes, randomly eating chips, until someone I guess either took pity on me or couldn't take the shame anymore, and moved their children off a two-seater table.

At quarter to three, I got up to the cinema, and bought a ticket for Kong. I ran to the loo quickly, just for the sake of it, but I did get there just in time to see the last Samsung advert, and not miss any of the film. And it was actually really good. I know remakes are the death of creativity, but it was a really good monster movie, not afraid to just kill people off randomly, and actually really quite anti-war and anti-gun, despite how the trailers looked. They still did some weird stuff with "the woman has a special connection with Kong, just because", but it was nowhere near as bad as it usually is, and it's always a joy to see Samuel L. Jackson in things, frankly. I got excited just seeing his hand. And apparently the film's part of a series - the guy did the most recent Godzilla film, which I also want to see now, and the next film he's planning to do is Godzilla Vs. Kong is a couple of years. I am excite. Also, due to that, they had quite a fun after-credits scene (although it took forever to get to it), and a completely irony-free "I'm on a boat!" line, and if someone doesn't make a parody video, I'm going to cry.
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