Mar. 2nd, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
I'm spending money like billio at the moment. I paid £150 for the room bill for Redemption, took £100 out of a cash machine in case the dealer's room was good on top of that (it wasn't, but I did spend some of the leftovers on a game I was going to buy anyway), gave my mum £100 in rent for the month, and paid £110 to renew my metrocard for the month. All in the last week. Also I did buy that game, and I'm getting another one for £50 at the weekend because I think it's the only chance I'll have to get it on a physical disc. I did just get paid, would probably still pay to slow down a bit.

I am planning to go to the cinema at the weekend though. I want to see Logan, but also Hidden Figures, and Moonlight, if I can find it on anywhere. Frankly it's tough only having one Saturday in a week. I will probably just go see Logan for this Saturday.
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