Feb. 3rd, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
So. At the end of a week that got very dark in certain places, I came home to find out my mum had accidentally let hackers onto my dad's computer, while he was away in London doing an assessment to finally try to get chartered, which he said went shit. My oldest nephew scared me by showing just how much like his mother he is, refusing to take any blame for the hack whatsoever, even though it was a site he went on that caused the problem. And the light in the garage has gone.

My nephew was trying to go onto a site he usually goes on, and got a message saying the computer had been hacked and to call a particular number. My mum saw it, tried to call my dad but he didn't answer, and then tried to call me but my phone had died. I was literally just thinking today "I should give them my work number, in case they ever need to contact me and my phone dies again", but ah well. So in a panic she called the number. I have no idea what she did, but she did a couple of things they told her to do, like holding down the Windows button and r, and inputting a command. Then they tried to get her to pay for something, and she decided to stop it there, she wasn't comfortable doing that. Then she left the computer on for a while, while called my sister, and then called my dad again, who told her to switch it off.

I have no idea if they could access my computer through my dad's computer, but I tried googling it and nothing really came up, and I realised I would probably suddenly know if they could or they couldn't without using a computer anyway. Hopefully they can't. If anyone out there knows for sure, I would appreciate being told. In the meantime, I've run a virus scan on my computer which has come up clean, and if any of you receive weird emails from me, I'm sorry. And please let me know.
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