Jan. 12th, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
I have so many feelings about things going on lately, and no idea how to put any of them into words.

The main one is, when will people actually see Trump is talking bullshit? Calling it 'fake news', really? Less than a month after Hillary Clinton made a speech about the dangers of fake news and how it's putting democracy at risk? Bernie Sanders is a cunt, but the fact the Trump just co-opted so much of what he said, about all politicians being corrupt, about draining the swamp, and NO-ONE said anything, that I could...it blows my mind. He's a pathological liar. And he still gets to say things. And people just believe him. Or support him? I don't know.

And then Theresa May said 'the NHS isn't having a humanitarian crisis, obvs, what would the Red Cross know?'. Because apparently words don't mean anything anymore.

And then today I was walking to work, through a fairly central square of Leeds, and I saw them whinging on on the sides of the statues about scanning a code and 'giving blahblahblahblah a voice', and I do not believe they really have a clip of blahblahblahblah's voice, he died in 1659. And then I got thinking "there are literally no statues of women in this square", and then I realised that no. There was! All around the square were statues that I'm assuming were supposed to lampposts, shaped like women dressed in literally a scrap of cloth, with breasts out, erect nipples, bums saucily partially covered. And then I just felt sick.

But anyway. I'm playing Stardew Valley again. Shane still doesn't love me. I'm torn between patiently role-playing a slow-growing relationship, and using everything I learned in my first game about which gifts he loves the most to make him just love me now. I can't remember exactly when I figured out that the fact he was in the bar drinking all the time meant he probably liked beer. Anyway, I've hobbled myself with a forest-based farm, and it's annoying that I don't have all the up-to-date items I had last time, like the best fishing pole and a completely upgraded house. But I'm still enjoying it. I do find it kind of hilarious that I've just built a fairly expensive, powerful new gaming PC, and I'm using it to play a 2D game that actually ran pretty well on my old laptop. But the colours are prettier this time around!
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