Jan. 4th, 2017

girlofprey: (R for raygun)
I still feel weird and ill, but better, so I'm going back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, as I've been getting better I've been sleeping worse - just because generally as you get towards the end of a cold, coughing is less effective, so you end up doing it more. Also I woke up soaked in sweat last night, for reasons I don't quite understand? But I still do feel more human, so it's probably time to start earning money again. Also, I've even stopped bleeding, hurray! We seem to have settled in to only 3/4 of the month.

My computer is just sort of beautiful and frustrating at the moment. My dad has ordered an ethernet extender, which is how I'm going to get internet, and I can't really completely set it up till then. But I could set up a few things, like getting the tower into a decent, out of the way place, plugging in my keyboard, getting a basic version of Windows installed from a boot disk. But that would mean my computer would be set up on the desk, and at the moment it has enough space for me to use my netbook on here. If I set it up, maybe it wouldn't have, and maybe I couldn't use it at the desk, with like, a chair, and with it plugged in so it's running nice and fast. So at the moment I'm just sort of constantly thinking 'I can do that with the computer, I can get that done at least', but then not actually doing that, so yes. Frustrating. Mostly I just want to keep switching it on so I can see the LEDs working. Also I plugged my screen into the HDMI port on my £400 graphics card, and it totally worked, that was pretty sweet.

Jen, I am sorry for the above glimpse into your horrifying future, and also for everything.
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